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Inspiration Engine

Feeling uninspired? Check out the Inspiration Engine for random ideas to shake up your workflow. 

Image by Jack Carter

The Acidifier:
Slow n Verb Generator

Custom slow n verb generator for any audio file.

Slow or speed up audio, add reverb, & filter frequencies.

I made it for fun - it's completely free!


Producer Calculator

Handy numbers for producers - easily convert bpm to seconds or milliseconds (good for setting delay times, reverb decay times, compressor atk / rel times). ALSO, easily find important frequencies and notes related to whatever key / scale you're working in!

calculator screenshot_edited.png

DIY Bass Traps Guide

This PDF guide gives a surface level explanation of why you need bass traps, and shows you how to make them for cheap. Links included. 

bass traps.jpg

Pink / White Noise

Press the button to get linked to google drive downloads of pink and white noise. 

Pink Smoke
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